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As a leading dentist in the Santa Monica, CA, region, Dr. Trotter offers the most effective preventive care for all her patients, including protective sealants, fluoride treatments, cleanings and more.

Preventive Care

What kinds of preventive care options does Dr. Trotter offer?

Dr. Trotter understands every patient is different and has different needs when it comes to preventive care. She offers a full array of preventive care options, including fluoride treatment, dental sealants, routine cleaning, deep cleaning using root planing and scaling, and even lifestyle and nutritional guidance and advice to help you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

How can I tell which types of preventive care are most appropriate for me?

While routine cleanings are ideal for every patient, other preventive care options might not be suited to your needs. Dr. Trotter will be able to recommend the most appropriate preventive treatments during your office visit based on what she encounters during your oral exam.

What are sealants?

Dental sealants are clear, protective coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth or molars to protect them from wear and to prevent tiny cracks and fissures that provide places for decay-causing bacteria to enter. Sealants are applied as liquid but soon dry to a hard, protective coating designed to last for years, and they can be reapplied as necessary.

What do fluoride treatments do?

Fluoride treatments help strengthen tooth enamel, the strong coating on the exterior surfaces of your teeth, so they're not as likely to be damaged by acids from sugary or starchy foods or bacteria. When applied regularly, fluoride treatments can help reverse decay in its earliest stages and speed remineralization in teeth that have become “etched” or damaged by plaque, acids and bacteria. Fluoride treatments are especially effective in children, but they can be helpful in protecting adult teeth as well. Ask Dr. Trotter if fluoride treatments are a good choice for you.

Insurance and Finance Options

Dr. Trotter accepts most major insurance plans. CareCredit is also available. Apply here.

For questions regarding payment options, please feel free to call the office.

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