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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Trotter helps Santa Monica, CA, patients look their best with cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers and laminates, inlays and onlays, crowns, realignments and complete reconstructions so patients can feel confident about the way they look.

Cosmetic Dentistry

What are cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments include an array of procedures and treatments aimed at improving the way your smile looks, from correcting alignment issues, to improving the proportions of your teeth and gums, to hiding defects like cracks, chips and dark fillings, and even whitening stained or dingy-looking teeth. There are dozens of cosmetic options available today so each patient can get the smile they want based on their own sense of personal aesthetics.

What kinds of aesthetic treatments does Dr. Trotter offer?

Dr. Trotter is skilled in a full complement of cosmetic options, including porcelain veneers, laminates and crowns, orthodontic care targeted at correcting crooked teeth in a minimal amount of time, dental implants and bridges, tooth-colored fillings and even complete, full-mouth reconstructions.

What if I need more than one type of treatment?

Before beginning cosmetic treatment, Dr. Trotter will talk to you about your goals and expectations so she can develop a plan of care that addresses each of your concerns. Some patients may be looking for one type of treatment for a single issue, while other patients may want more extensive care to address multiple issues and achieve their ideal results. Individual, in-depth consultations ensure your care plan is customized specifically to your needs and budget.

Are cosmetic dental treatments covered by my insurance?

No, dental insurance does not cover procedures that are purely for cosmetic reasons. However, when a procedure also addresses disease prevention and restoration, part or all of the cost may be covered. Our office staff can help you understand your insurance plan benefits and help you learn about other types of financing available so you can fit your new, beautiful smile into your budget.

Insurance and Finance Options

Dr. Trotter accepts most major insurance plans. CareCredit is also available. Apply here.

For questions regarding payment options, please feel free to call the office.

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